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Sam Montgomery Riley
 Sam loves to pierce and has the biggest heart for her clients. Her ability to find the most aesthetically pleasing placement on all different faces, ears, and bodies shined, early on. Her attention to detail, dedication to always giving her best, and her commitment to continued education quickly made her a highly sought piercer in DFW. Sam is known for making her clients comfortable. Clients always comment on her willingness to explain procedures start to finish, answer questions, and always make herself available for follow ups. Sam is known for her work with minors and children under 10. Sam works on the children of and is the recommendation of some of the most highly respected pediatricians in Parker County. She will spend any amount of time with your child, helping them to harness their power over their fears, when its something they truly want to do. Sam strives to give the highest quality jewelry choices, care, and experience to each client she has the opportunity to touch. Most clients leave her room, having made a forever friendship.
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