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Rember Orellana

Rember Orellana and Francisco Sanchez opened Dark Age Tattoo Shop located in Denton Texas in 2014. He was born in Guatemala and moved to Mexico when he was 4 years old. Rember then came to the United States when he was 14. Like most aspiring tattoo artists, he spent most of his childhood drawing. Rember has always had a really strong passion for art so he started taking art classes at the same time he started tattooing. Rember started his career as a tattoo Artist in 2007. During his 13 years of professional tattooing, he has traveled to many tattoo conventions around the United States, which has allowed him to learn from some of the best artists around the world! He spends a lot of his free time studying art as well as teaching tattoo seminars around the country because his main focus has always been continuously growing as an artist, all while helping the artist around him reach their own goals. "Teaching to me is just as gratifying as learning because seeing the passion in people to learn motivates me and reminds me that I have to keep learning as well”- Rember Orellana Rember always envisioned having his own studio so he could create an environment that allows Artists to create and perform at their best so the clients overall experience of getting tattooed can be enjoyable every time.  Now with the opening of the second location of Dark Age Tattoo Shop in Fort Worth he can offer the same high quality work that the Denton tattoo shop has always been known for in the great city of Fort Worth.
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