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  •   Do you accept walk-in tattoos?
Yes, we do. Our artists accept walk ins on a first come first served basis. Those tattoos must be palm sized or smaller with a simple design and minimal shading or color. Anything that would take more than two hours of tattoo time needs to be scheduled as an appointment.
  • How do I schedule an appointment? 
Please fill out the “request an appointment” form via our website to get your process started. You can also send us an email to with all the necessary information about your inquiry such as pictures of the tattoo idea, desired placement on your body, and a description of your vision. This information is a MUST to proceed with an appointment.
All appointments require a nonrefundable deposit that varies from artist to artist.
Note: some of the artists have their own booking process, which we gladly explain to you once the submission comes through. 
  • Can I get my deposit back?
All deposits are nonrefundable. If you cancel your appointment completely – you forfeit any prepaid deposit you have. If you need to reschedule with less than 48-hour notice, you may forfeit any prepaid deposit and find it necessary to place another one to get scheduled. 
Note: some artists have different reschedule/ cancellation policies, which you will be informed about when booking with this artist. 
  • Can I see my design/rough sketch before my appointment date?
All designs happen on the day of the appointment with client present. This process allows artist to get active feedback and make necessary changes on the spot. The design time will vary depending on the project itself. It is normal to have your artist design for hours for complicated projects since all work is original and fitted specifically for you and your body. Our artists do not copy other artists work so do not expect to get exactly the same tattoo if you use another tattoo as the reference. 
Note: some artists have a different design process which you will be informed about when scheduling with this artist. 
  • Can I change my design? 
While design happens on the day of the appointment, it is necessary to reach out and let us know about any changes. When you are inquiring about a project, you are getting partnered up with an artist who is suitable for that specific tattoo. Even if a new tattoo idea is something that your artist is capable of doing, it does not mean that they are willing to do this new project. If you have minor changes, feel free to send those as well or have those ready for your appointment. If any major changes occur too close to your appointment date and your artists is not able to take on the new project, you may forfeit any prepaid deposit you have on file. 
  • Are you allowed to tattoo minors with parental consent? 
In the State of Texas, it is prohibited to tattoo minors even with parental consent.  
  • Do I need my ID when getting a tattoo or piercing?
Yes. For ALL piercing and tattoo appointments you MUST present original valid photo ID. Per Health Department Standards and Regulations it must be an unexpired photo ID such as Driver License, Identification Card, Passport, or Military ID. Copies and pictures will not accepted. 
  • What do I need to bring for minor piercing appointment? 
For all minor piercing appointments, you MUST bring the necessary documentations in its original forms according to Texas Health Department Regulations: minor’s original birth certificate, parent valid photo ID with last name matching and, school ID of the minor if available. For legal guardians bring all court documents to prove guardianship for the minor. Presence of parent or legal guardian is required at all times. Failure to show up for the appointment with the required documentation will result in the forfeiture of any prepaid deposit, or for the amount of the service being processed on the card when booking online. 
  • What jewelry do you use for your piercings?
We use only implant grade titanium and solid 14k gold. All piercings come with flat back labret style threadless post with titanium ends included in the price and you have an option to upgrade to solid 14k gold ends for an additional charge. ​
  • Do I have warranty on my jewelry? 
All solid 14k gold jewelry has a lifetime warranty in the event that the piece breaks. The warranty doesn’t apply if jewelry is lost.
Frequently Asked Questions
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