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Kimmie Wesson
I started my apprenticeship quite young actually. I was only 18 when I applied to be an apprentice. I always dreamed of making art for a living but I didn’t know how to pull it off. I told my art teacher, Mr. Scott, about my dilemma, and he suggested tattooing. The idea seemed perfect. I grew up watching tattoo shows like Ink Masters and Tattoo Nightmares with my Dad so I always loved tattoos and wanted tattoos since I could remember. In my senior year of High School with college looming around the corner, I decide to make my dream a reality. I made a portfolio from some of the work I had created in art class and dropped it off at Dark Age Tattoo Studio. Thankfully I made the cut and was hired. I was ecstatic! There I learned everything I know about tattooing. 3 years later, here I am as a full time tattoo Artist! It wasn’t always an easy journey but I’m so glad I did it. Not only did my apprenticeship help me grow as a artist; it also helped me grow into the person I am today. I’m truly proud of myself and I can’t wait to see how far tattooing can take me.
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